Destiny Tchéhouali

Chairman of the Board

Destiny TchéhoualiHaving joined the Internet Society (ISOC Global) in 2011, through the « Next Generation Leaders » program, Destiny Tchéhouali is involved in the development of the French-speaking ecosystem of Internet governance, through projects that instigate the promotion and enhancement of local content as well as the capacity building of Francophone actors in the development and evaluation of national digital policies and strategies. Professor of international communication at the Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM) and director of the Observatory of Networks and Interconnections of the Digital Society (ORISON), his research interests center mainly on: the impacts of digital technology on the diversity of cultural expressions, the regulation of emerging Internet platforms and technologies, geopolitics and the multi-stakeholder model of cyberspace governance. Member of ISOC Québec since January 2015, Destiny has been Chairman of the Board of Directors of ISOC Québec since January 2017.