Dorothy Alexandre

Director, special advisor for Diversity, gender and digital inclusion

Dorothy AlexandreA seasoned communicator, Dorothy Alexandre uses her pen and voice to create bridges between people from diverse backgrounds. A communications entrepreneur, she leads events and moderates discussion panels on social issues, women, youth, entrepreneurship, media, civic engagement and diversity. In addition to producing engaged digital content, she is currently developing her first ethnographic storytelling podcast. She also defends a better representation of diversity in the media and in governance as a panelist, speaker and consultant. From 2009 to 2016, Dorothy Alexandre worked as a journalist, web editor and researcher at TVA Group. She has been socially engaged for 15 years and is involved in governance as well as in numerous social and charitable initiatives. She is President of the Conseil des Montréalaises as well as of the board of directors of the social economy startup Bureau de Prod. Her active social involvement has earned her several distinctions, including « Model in Our Society », awarded at the Black Canadian Awards in Toronto (2014). She was also named one of the 100 Black Women to watch in Canada in 2017. Dorothy joined ISOC Québec in April 2018 as Director, Special Advisor on Diversity, Gender and Digital Inclusion.