Josée Plamondon

Director, special advisor for Web data & Web semantics

Josée PlamondonLibrarian specialized in databases before the arrival of the Internet, Josée Plamondon has developed an expertise at the intersection of information sciences and information technologies. She holds a Master’s degree in Library and Information Science and an MBA. Throughout her career, she has faced the technological and human challenges of organizing and circulating information in areas as diverse as financial services, actuarial consulting, software engineering and culture. Josée now assists government agencies, institutions and businesses as a consultant in the exploitation of digital content. Her interventions concern the modernization of information systems and the transformation of organizations around open data and semantic web technologies. She uses the principles and methods of information science to contribute to projects aimed at interoperability and data sharing, indexing content for machine processing and knowledge sharing. Josée is concerned about the issues of net neutrality and accessibility and contributes to the promotion of web standards and best practices, open data, open source software and digital commons, as part of her para-professional activities such as: Member of the Digital Council of Québec (Ministry of Economy, Science and Innovation of Québec), the Advisory Committee of the Center for massive data in culture and co-organizer of the Symposium on the Semantic Web in Québec since its creation in 2016. Josée has been on the Board of Directors of ISOC Québec since 2018 as a Director, Special Advisor for Web Data & Web Semantics.