Culture in the digital age: a Coalition and a Manifesto

ISOC Québec is proud to be one of the first signatories of the Manifesto “Continuity – Fairness – Support”, which aims to support the sustainability and influence of national culture and media in the digital age.

The publication of this Manifesto takes place in a context where the various cultural, media and content industries in Quebec and Canada are threatened by profound technological changes, aggravated by unfair international competition linked to the appearance of new players and multinational digital companies.

This Manifesto is a cry of the heart launched by a strong coalition, made up of more than 40 organizations and major groups of Quebec’s cultural and media organizations, all convinced of the urgency to act and to make the right political decisions in order to promote the diversity of Quebec and Canadian cultural expressions in the digital environment and to preserve the cultural sovereignty of our country by establishing a regulatory framework that supports the support and financing of local / national cultural production in the digital age and which imposes for the sake of equity the same rules (in terms of contribution and taxation) to all the players in the cultural industries.


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Press releases from the Coalition for culture and medias: