DÉFI Québec

Developing the francophone ecosystem of the Internet in Quebec and Canada


The Défi Québec project aims to develop the francophone ecosystem of the Internet in Quebec and Canada through consultation and networking between Francophone and Acadian actors involved in the deployment of Internet access and the development of innovative practices and uses of the Internet within and outside Quebec.

The main impact of the project will be to increase collaboration and encourage the co-production of expertise in the provision of Internet content and services relevant to Francophone and Acadian communities. In the long term, this project will help to structure a Francophone network of Internet actors in Quebec and Canada that will contribute to digital innovation and the digital economy of the Canadian Francophonie through the development of digital solutions based on the needs of the targeted communities, from a perspective of inclusion, empowerment and valorisation.

DÉFI Québec is financially supported by the Secrétariat aux affaires intergouvernementales canadiennes (SAIC) within the framework of the support program to la Francophonie canadienne.


DÉFI Québec
 will first lead to the organization in Moncton of a workshop to share good practices between SMEs, recreative and cultural organizations as well as academics who produce a francophone and acadian expertise (services, knowledge and know-how) regarding innovation in information and communication technology (ICT).


The initial sharing workshop will then allow to involve and promote the projects and initiatives of key players in the digital sector of New Brunswick during the first edition of the Quebec Forum on Governance of Internet (FGI Québec) to be held in Montreal.


Finally, DÉFI Québec will lead to the creation of a collaborative platform for the exchange of best practices, bringing together francophone and acadian practitioners working in the digital and Internet sectors, with a system for linking young professionals and mentors.