FGI Québec

The Forum on the Governance of the Internet in Québec

From education to health or culture, no sector can resist the shock wave caused by the digital revolution and its many applications, services and uses that made the Internet an integral part of the daily life of Quebeckers.

Today, in an era of global interconnections, the political, economic, security, cultural and societal challenges posed by the development of the Internet lead us to question on the one hand the evolution of its decentralized governance model, and on the other hand the upcoming evolutions and the upheavals to be anticipated, taking into account the current context of digital transitions Québec society is going through.

The Internet Governance Forum (IGF) brings together on an equal footing the different communities that are stakeholders in the Internet, mainly end users, civil society, academic networks, governments, professionals and industry representatives. These different groups participate in the IGF in discussions on Internet-related issues related to public policies, legal frameworks, technical standards.

Through its IGF, ISOC Québec facilitates a common understanding of how to maximize Internet opportunities and supports those who have decision-making power in the public and private sectors to face the risks and challenges that arise.

An international movement at the local level

The World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) has established since 2005 in Tunis a framework for dialogue and multi-stakeholder dialogue, which is reflected in the annual organization of a global forum and national and regional fora on Internet governance. ISOC Québec is proud and happy to contribute to the strengthening of dialogue and cooperation between the various local and national players involved in digital and Internet development in Québec.

The global Internet Governance Forum was therefore born with the aim of engaging the multiple stakeholders in a dialogue on Internet governance, with a first edition held in Athens in 2006. The management and funding of the organization of the global IGF are under the supervision of the United Nations.

Since 2020, FGI Québec is recognized as a regional initiative by the IGF Secretariat of the United Nations.

For more information about the global IGF, see the following documents: