FGI Québec - 2nd edition (2020)

FGI Québec returns for a 2nd edition which will mark the start of a new dynamic with now the annual holding of the forum and the declination of discussions at different local scales across the province.

This year marking the 20th anniversary of ISOC Québec, the FGI Québec 2020 will be an opportunity to review the evolution of the Internet over the past 20 years and collaborate with the various stakeholders to shape the future of the Internet in Québec.

2020 is also the year FGI Québec is being recognized as a sub-regional initiative by the IGF Secretariat of the United Nations.

Stay tuned!

The next edition of FGI Québec will be held in Montreal in Fall 2020 (September/October).

The exact date and location will be announced shortly.

A call for proposals will also be launched soon in order to continue the inclusive and multi-stakeholder approach advocated by the IGF. This call will allow anyone who wishes to submit a theme, problem or line of thought that deserves to be included in the FGI Québec 2020 program to be studied further.